Thursday, October 7, 2010

7. Christopher ST Leger

Christopher on Christopher:
Location is fuel. I grew up in Indiana but now reside in a small central Texas town with my wife and two children. We make a trip each fall to a farmhouse in rural Hungary where village life, on the brink of change, still clings to the earth. Here, there, and in between I find inspiration for my work as a painter.

I respond to the elusive yet commonplace things I encounter en route to my destination. As I observe and render the outer, often banal aspect of the subject, I aim to extract a poetry that suggests a cherished and lively fantasy life protected within.
Experiencing otherness, even if only across one’s backyard, is elation: the feeling of entering the sphere of another’s life, of imagining a possibility where for a moment habits can be broken or longings fulfilled. Maybe it is romantic, or maybe it is simply automotive, to desire freedom of movement without physical exertion.

See more work by Christopher HERE

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