Thursday, January 20, 2011

6. Vava Ribeiro

The youthful, dream-like utopias of Vava Ribeiro's photography mark out a unique artist.  The beach culture of Vava Ribeiro's native Rio was an early influence and the shore remains a common setting on his work today. The light quality you would find at the sea's edge, and which illuminates Vava Ribeiro's images, sums up a characteristic of his work in general: it is gentle and romantic while simultaneously being utterly natural and unflinching.  An intuitive handling of youthful beauty is intrinsic in Vava Ribeiro's work and he captures what feels like his universal family from an intimate standpoint. Vava Ribeiro explores dream worlds that are infused with an air of deja vu where a playful handling of idealism and nostalgia creates a laidback atmosphere of cool composure.  His work spans portraiture to fashion and Vava Ribeiro is a regular contributor to publications including Purple and Dazed and Confused. He works with fashion clients such as Urban Outfitters and Levis and lifestyle clients such as Canon and has been exhibited from San Paulo to Tokyo via France, where he won the jury prize for photography at the prestigious Festival International des Arts de Modes at Hyeres in 2000.

See more work by Vava HERE

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