Thursday, February 24, 2011

10. Hollis Bennett - 70000 Tons of Metal

Hollis Bennett about 70000 Tons of Metal:
Someone thought it would be a great idea to charter a cruise ship from Miami to Mexico and back, fill it with MetalHeads from around the world, invite 42 of the best bands on the planet and stock the boat with as much beer as possible. This is what I saw.

Hollis Bennett (b.1981) Knoxville, Tennessee. Has been in constant motion chasing the next image. His work has been recognized in the US and internationally and he is actively pursuing further commissions in Fine Art and Documentary/Editorial photography, collectors, and gallery representation.  

Shooting primarily with a 4x5 camera, Hollis travels extensively searching to expand his portfolio and expand his time here. Most recently Hollis has been living part time in Nashville, TN and part time on the road in such places as Alaska, Western Canada, Mexico, Africa and so on.  

Statement  I am concerned with making honest, sincere and more often than not, stoic photographs of the people that color his life and the surroundings on which life's stories are played out. While not entirely concise, yet not broad in spectrum my photographs leave enough to the viewer to actively inquire and question the images in front of them. Context and exclusion are a large part of my image making process whereby I believe that what is not in the frame can be as powerful and important as what is included in the frame.  

I believe that I have recently turned a corner in my career where I am focusing more and more on the human condition and how discreet, individual surroundings inform and influence my subjects, and inherently, myself as well.

See more work by Hollis HERE

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