Friday, May 13, 2011

6. Iris Tarraga

Iris Tarraga is a graphic designer based in Barcelona, Spain. She previously worked at design and communications consultancy Marnich for 3 years before going it alone at the start of 2011.
If you were to visit SI 2 years ago, you would never have seen any kind of work featuring hand-drawn typography/lettering largely due to the fact that I leaned more towards clean, pixel perfect typography. Since then I’ve developed a new love for the the craft of creating type by hand – I’ve finally embraced my inner Wabi-Sabi as it were :) Just look at the lettering in the ‘El Palauet Living’ work featured above for example – not only does it look beautiful, but it also has real charm and character – something which digital type (in all its perfection) can sometimes struggle to convey.
Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this feature and a big thank you once again to Iris for making this feature possible.

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