Sunday, July 10, 2011

3. HBS by Eric Fensler

Fensler Films is a video production company, based in Chicago, Illinois and headed by Eric Fensler. The company gained a reputation for a series of short films which parodied the public service announcement safety messages used at the end of every episode of the 1980s animated series G.I. Joe. Fensler re-cut them, in some cases adding new animation, and dubbed them over with new audio, frequently nonsensical non-sequiturs. A number of the films specifically poke fun at the low quality of animation common in cartoons of the era, pointing out poor in-betweening and lip syncing. Fensler Films received a cease-and-desist order from Hasbro resulting in the removal of all G.I. Joe videos from the official site. Recently, they have reappeared on the site.

Fensler Films also did some Sealab 2021 TV spots for Adult Swim. The spots mirrored the previous G.I. Joe PSAs in tone and execution, as they were animated and dubbed in a similar fashion.
Fensler contributed music videos for the songs "Don't Mess With Illinois", "Hand Over Fist" and "Special Effect" by his fellow Chicagoans, electronic music group TRS-80. He also produced a music video for Daniel Johnston's song "The Monster Inside of Me", using footage from the Captain America animated series from the 1960s.

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