Sunday, August 21, 2011

5. Jesse Chehak

FAQ with Jesse Chehak

Where are you from?
Tarzana, California. Jesse now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico after almost 10 years living in Brooklyn.

Did you attend school?
Sarah Lawrence College and NYU.

What equipment do you use?
Toyo 45AX w/ Schneider Lenses, Leica M6/50mm, Mamiya RZ 6×7, Universal 6×9, C330 6×6, Canon 5D Mark II and Pop-Pop’s F1. Profoto 7B strobe kit and available hotlights.

Which film stock do you use?
Portra 400NC.

How are you printing?
C-type. Mural prints are C-type from scans.

Is the work on your website for sale? Who do I contact?
All of the work is available in different sizes and editions. Some work is dealt through Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York. Best way is to email:

Do you do commissioned assignment work?
Yes! This website is used to primarily showcase Jesse’s projects. He executes commissions regularly for a myriad of commercial clients. Visit M.A.P. to see recent work and contact any of his agents to inquire about his availability.

See more work with Jesse HERE

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