Sunday, September 11, 2011

10. Advertising, YouTube and 12 videos to prove the experience

Advertising is everywhere: on the TV, on the radio, on websites. But when you approach one of the biggest video communitys and break the rules, things get interesting. Advertising on YouTube promises interaction and experience, two things that really makes you wonder what’s going on. As you will see in the following 12 YouTube videos, how different brands chose to approach their audience.
Everyone knows YouTube, the biggest online community, where you can upload and watch videos. The big screen on the middle of the page, the right sidebar from where you ca chose different videos, and design that viewers have gotten used to. But there are some that break the rules. When you are a brand and 80% of your market is on YouTube, what do you do to get their attention? Nothing easier, you break the rules! You surprise them!
This collection represents 12 entitys that chose to break the rules to create a beautiful experience, by taking advantage of the YouTube platform and developing mind blowing awesomeness, under the form of advertising.
See them all at wabbaly

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