Sunday, January 8, 2012

3. Locomotive - Place des Arts

“Locomotive”, the most recent addition to the mosaic screen installation in the foyer of Place des Arts, is a fantastical portrayal of a human machine.

The context resembles an elaborate organic dominos game. It begins with a musical impulse and is accompanied by an inexorable advancement of light.

Human flesh makes up a patchwork of glittering metallic members – which have the luster of new pistons and bolts – engendering a hybrid mass.

Caught in awkward tension, the bodies quiver in suspension, the movement becoming increasingly intense until released by the passing impulse.

The carefully synchronized three-dimensional chain reaction of image, sound and light dehumanizes the body while simultaneously makes us smile. Uncomfortable yet intrigued, the eye of the passer cannot turn away from the machine. The complexity of the work lies in its ambiguity of being funny, monstrous, and sensual all at the same time.

The totality of this intriguing puzzle is best seen by taking a step back. However, in order to observe and appreciate the detail of the movement, it is equally engaging to advance forward. Each gear, wheel and suture plays its role to tie the whole piece together.
For this project, in lieu of creating a work that is intrinsically promotional, Place des Arts has taken the risk of acting as a sponsor and distributor of this purely artistic and cinematic endeavor.

Conceived with the intention of using the proposed space – its limitations and constraints – in the pursuit giving life to a custom made creation, “Locomotive” highlights the artistic potential of the mosaic screens in the foyer.

Director: Thibaut Duverneix
Concept: Thibaut Duverneix & Mathieu Léger
Choreographer: Ashlea Watkin

Production: Departement
Line Production: Antler Films
Executive Producer: Sach Baylin Stern
Producer: Josh Usheroff

DOP: Christophe Collette
Makeup: Anicko Bouchard
Art Direction: Mathieu Léger
Edit – Post Production – Colorisation: Thibaut Duverneix

Music: David Drury
Music producers: Christian Olsen & David Drury
Musicien: Sage Reynolds

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