Sunday, April 15, 2012

1. Adam Normandin

Adam Normandin:

“In my work, I seek to emphasize the beauty and relevance of unobserved details.Everyday things may not be recognized by most as beautiful, yet the ordinary canbe compelling, truthful and soulful.

At the core, my work focuses on the commitment and persistence required tounderstand and ultimately master this art form. I rarely choose my subjects, instead they draw me to them. Recently freight trains and industrial machineryfascinate me. Years of use and exposure to the elements imprint a sense of tirelessduty onto these objects. They are purely functional and have a “no- nonsense”existence that resonates with my own way of working. 

Freight trains are particularly intriguing to me because they are travelers, relentlesslymoving from one place to the next, year after year. Many have been in operation forseveral decades, without rest. All the layers of rust, numeric codes and graffiti givethe surface of each train a unique character. Accumulated details reveal truthful andcompelling stories, transforming an ordinary object’s nature into something full ofhistory and inherent beauty. If something mundane and functional can communicatesuch richness and complexity then perhaps we can find meaning within the mostordinary aspects of our own lives as well.”

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