Sunday, April 8, 2012

5. Alexandra Klever

Alexandra Klever was born in Germany 1968. She has lived in the US as an exchange student and studied art in Germany and Scotland. She started working as a freelance photographer in 1998, dividing her time between Helsinki and Hamburg. Alexandra feels most comfortable living close to the sea.

She has worked for a variety of advertising clients (including Coca Cola, IBM and Nokia) as well as magazines in Europe and in the US. She loves to travel and to meet different people, that's why she mainly shoots people.

Alexandra especially enjoys working with children, since they live in a world of their own and she feels excited to have a look into this world. Bringing back memories of joy as well as feelings of immediate awkwardness. Feelings that we all still have, but which we have learned to keep to ourselves more or less well in our daily lives.

Even though her photograpy is staged to quite an extent, working with children she always has to be ready for the unexpected. She enjoys the challenge trying to capture that special honest moment which makes a picture worth looking at.

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