Monday, May 7, 2012

1. BlinkyTM

A story about a boy, his robot and the consequences of his anger at the disintegration of his parents marriage.
Alex is looking for the normal loving family life that he hasn't got - his parents are too busy fighting with each other to worry about the effect on him. Modern technology comes to the rescue in the form of Blinky, a robot designed to be a companion/assistant but ultimately becomes more a best friend and surrogate family member.

Not getting the love he is looking for from Blinky, Alex soon becomes bored with Blinky and starts treating him badly, making conflicting demands of him that ultimately result in a failure of his software. On reboot, only one demand remains intact.

Blinky was originally around to be Alex's best friend and obey his every desire - he should have been more careful of what he wished for. It came true.

Directed and Written by Ruairi Robinson

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