Sunday, June 10, 2012

6. Melissa Murillo

Berlin based illustrator, Melissa Murillo , better known as “Meyoko” articulate a creative predominance that is a direct line to the darker of Art Nouveau.Executed in edge free hand, with a fountain pen Black China ink and more recently Gold, the artworks by Meyoko are like open doorways to a microcosmic wilderness populated by divine entities and mythical creatures which intermingle and amalgamate to one another until they ultimately resemble, abstract and hybrid worlds partly vegetal - partly animal. Forests made of luxuriant hair are inhabited by tattooed flowers and plants ;by ravens and hummingbirds with strange silky bodies in place of feathers. An organic apotheosis executed with extreme minutia and with a creative sensibility.

Meyoko fearlessly attempts to dissect the depths of human nature itself and she does it with surgical precision. Her work often incorporates emotions such as melancholia, vulnerability, the fear of abandonment yet she confronts them with dogmas such as utopianism, heroism or humanism to achieve a narrative dialogue of intense poetry. The recent series "Dreamscapes" are evoking the mechanic of metaphysic. "The Beauty" becomes "The Beast" and vice versa; each engaging in the dizziest of waltz and finally coming together as one singularity. Meyoko currently lives and works in Berlin.

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