Sunday, August 19, 2012

7. Casper Chan

Disinlok is a London based design studio established in 2006 by graphic designer and illustrator Casper Chan. It works as a multi-disciplinary design studio serving a wide range of brands in the fashion, music, advertising and publishing industries. The studio's projects range from visual identity, editorial design, art direction, fashion styling to fashion illustration. The studio work has been selected for FABRICA, the Benetton group communications research centre based in Italy and featured in various exhibitions in London, China and Hong Kong.

In 2009, Casper was awarded the British council 60th anniversary scholarship in contribution toward a MA Graphic Design in London College of Communication. In 2011, he formed Studio 247 with Monkey Leung with a vision of ("'24 hours a day, 7 days a week'), is never our motto".

Disinlok’s work has been featured in internationally recognised publications including; IdN, Wallpaper*, Sandu and Hong Kong International Triennial Annual.

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