Monday, October 15, 2012

1. Anton Renborg

It’s not easy to pigeonhole Anton as his work transcends typical classifications with ease. Whether it´s a fashion story, commercial campaign or a documentary, his own way of approaching his work and his distinctive sense of the moment and rhythm, always comes through. Anton is based in Stockholm, Sweden but works internationally with clients such as Nike, WeSC, Ericsson, Société Général and a number of independent labels, artists and designers. His visuals has been launched in global magazines from ID, Dazed&Confused, Gentle Woman to French Marie Claire and L´Equipe among others. Anton also produced several exhibitions and was recently represented at Bukowski’s.

“I grew up in Örebro, a small town in central Sweden. My parents were both very hard working people but different. My mum was all about ballet and horses, always talking about movement and grace, while my dad reached for his guitar and a bit of fun, when ever the chance was there. I guess I became a mix of all that”
- WeSC Magazine
See more work by Anton Renborg HERE

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