Friday, January 15, 2010

1. Cal Lane

Cal Lane is an internationally acclaimed sculptor having won prestigious awards, media accolades and extensive curatorial attention over the past decade. She was the subject of a full-length New York Times article in December 2007 – one among many other articles that ran in publications such as: Art Forum International, American Craft Magazine, The Village Voice and The New Yorker, to name a few. This past year, Lane’s work has been mounted in seven exhibitions including the show at New York’s Museum of Art and Design, Lace and Subversive Knitting. Lane was recently awarded the Joseph S. Stauffer Prize and the Canadian Council for the Arts award. Lane is intrigued by contrasts in feminine and male conventions, and uses her welding torch to cut doilies and baroque patterns into mundane objects such as wheel barrows, I-beams, dumpsters and shovels. These objects, once relied upon for their durability, are transformed via oxyacetylene torch into delicate and decorative skeletons. In another process, Lane borrows a tradition from her grandmother who sifted powdered sugar through a stencil to create a powdered print on cakes. Lane adapted this domestic technique to her industrial art form by sifting soil and other medium through large pieces of her torched metal lace stencils to create graphic patterns that can recall the Indian tradition of henna painting.

Lane holds a MFA in sculpture from State University of New York, Purchase. In 2005, during her final year at SUNY Purchase, Lane taught Sculpture for non-majors, as well as an Introduction to Materials and an Introduction to Contemporary Practices and Theory. She received her BFA in 2001 from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and her Diploma in Fine Arts at Victoria College of Art in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1994. Lane resides in Putnam Valley, New York.

See Cal's Portfolio HERE

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