Thursday, January 21, 2010

1. I'm Here - A Love Story in an absolut World

Director Spike Jonze has dabbled in music videos, feature films, and movie shorts, some of which will be showcased at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. His latest short is entitled, I’m Here and will debut this evening at the event. A trailer has coincidentally appeared online for the film that features a few robot looking creatures as its main characters. Hey it’s Spike Jonze, he thinks outside the box…

I’m Here is a 30 minute short, that stars British actor Andrew Garfield, who was previously seen in The Imaginarium of Doctor Paranssus and will be appearing in the upcoming film, The Social Network. Here he plays the main character who looks to live in a world where everyone has body parts similar to a PC. The story is supposed to be about finding love in an “absolut world.” Yes, I spelled absolute without the “e”, because it’s a reference to Absolut Vodka, the company that funded the project.

Aside from Garfield, actress Sienna Guillory also stars in the film, and I’m assuming she’s the love interest. If her name sounds familiar it’s probably because she played the role of Jill Valentine in the action flick, Resident Evil: Apocalypse. This is definitely a big change of pace from that movie.

See trailer HERE

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