Thursday, January 21, 2010

9. Ruben Brulat

Magazine says :
by Nancy Aslop.

"Ruben Brulat bought his first camera just two years ago. But in spite of this relatively late start, something just clicked. ‘I discovered my real passion, and I have not stopped since. I went out all night long, experimenting. I needed to do it – it quickly became something vital for me and I could not stop taking photographs.’

For Brulat, photography is about capturing humanity – as was evidenced by Immaculate, his series of images of a business area both by day and by night. ‘I want to understand why people groups and societies behave the way they do.

What shocked me with Immaculate was that this neighbourhood lived just for a system, and when at night there is no one to activate that system, it dies. There is absolutely no love, no happiness, no sadness. Just nothing.

I am fascinated by places where the beauty of human beings has gone.’

It makes sense then that Brulat is currently focusing his attentions on a new series of photographs for 2010 about the human in the environment, depicting ‘the vulnerability and the smallness of our species.’ In ten years time, he hopes to have brought both happiness and sadness to people via his work, but most of all hopes that not all his expectations will come to fruition.

‘Otherwise, in a way, it will be really boring!’ And that’s one adjective we would not associate with Brulat."

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