Thursday, March 24, 2011

10. jaime martínez (Must see personal website to view photo-animation)

 You think these pictures are cool wait until you see the AWESOME gif version!!!
Check it out HERE

I was born in Monterrey Mexico (1978) and I'm currently living in Mexico City.
In 2010 I worked for NEET Recordings and traveled as tour photographer with M.I.A.
Upcoming projects:
-Taking photos at SXSW, Austin Tx (March)
-Going to Spain (June)

A bit more about myself and my work in these interviews:
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bright light bright light! - Turn that shit off
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and these features/reviews:
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GIFs make me feel closer 2 the party, even if I didn’t attend - Hipster Runoff

See Jaime's portfolio HERE

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