Thursday, April 14, 2011

4. Tin & Ed

Tin & Ed is a Melbourne based graphic design studio creating work in a broad range of media. Our work encompasses traditional design projects as well as commissioned illustration, sculpture and installation. We have worked for a variety of clients of all sizes and enjoy working collaboratively with people with different backgrounds and ideas.
Our commissioned illustrations and installations have been used for print and digital advertising campaigns and editorials within Australia and internationally. Working with various agencies we have also created a range of installations for different events and launches. Our work has been commissioned for large scale murals as well as prints for fashion labels.
Coming from a background in graphic design, we enjoy working on traditional design projects in both print and web. we have created publications, identities, posters, signage and websites for arts organisations, architects, dance companies, retail stores and businesses of all sizes.
Studio Projects
we have taken part in solo and group exhibitions in Melbourne and Sydney and our exhibition Holy-grams was shown as part of the 2010 Melbourne Arts Festival. We regularly collaborate with other artist and designers, and our studio projects are used as an experimental space to help inform our commissions and design work.
If you would like to commission us for a project, please email us (at)
See more work by Tin & Ed HERE


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