Sunday, August 28, 2011

6. Jonathan De villiers

Jonathan often works within the fields of editorial or fashion photography while exploring the parameters, and exploiting the conventions of the medium. We made a website that aimed to directly compliment his original, idiosyncratic approach. The design was, purposefully, neither commercial nor conventional. Menus and traditional navigation were disregarded. Projects were instead accessible through a metronomic, continuous slideshow of key images. These images are featured at alternate, non-uniform sizes to accentuate the wide-range of conceptual approaches and subject matter within the work. Individual project details and other navigation appear when the user rolls-over the image. In contrast to the main index, each project was presented as a complete work rather than single images. The site gives the refined experience and subtleties of a Flash-based site but was built completely in HTML. This allows for increased accessibility and allows the site to operate on multiple platforms including the iPhone.

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