Sunday, August 28, 2011

9. St. Vincent - 'Cruel'

“Forgive the kids for they don’t know how to live,” sings St. Vincent in “Cruel” from her upcoming release Strange Mercy due September 13. The video is made through the lens of Corey Creasey and Ian Kibbey’s Terri Timely, a long-time team collaborator of Annie Clark’s work as St. Vincent, who also shot her two videos from 2009′s Actor. In the music video, St. Vincent is an abducted housewife (exhibit 1: 0:09 is an example of how those late night 711 cravings can be nefarious) forced into an American Beauty-esque family life where the kids are weird little demons (exhibit 2: 0:14 another example of why girls in nerd glasses and tube socks carrying teddy bears outside of their pink rooms are downright freaky) capable of burying her alive without asking her to take off those cutesy yellow shoes . Annie Clark’s stark penetrating eyes are nothing like we haven’t seen before, blank and expressionless, paranoia descends eerily. Terri Timely capture the essence of St. Vincent’s subtle sarcasm with their own brand of weird. Hint: check out the trunk.

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