Sunday, October 9, 2011

1. Frank Hülsbömer

Using photography as his medium, artist Frank Hülsbömer documents his love affair with objects. The upshot, beautifully-composed, abstract images of various items like colored paper and wire, star in his forthcoming book, The Fiction of Science, along with a detailed explanation of the Berlin-based photographer's both scientific and artistic approach to capturing each article.
A former contributor to Wallpaper Magazine, Hülsbömer made a name for himself photographing exteriors. Applying his studious method to interiors, the lyrical images in his book show how the shift brings an intense concentration on pure form to his work.
Described by curator Matthias Harder as "still lifes," Hülsbömer compositions exclude all signals of a human touch and any reference to landscapes, with minimal acknowledgment of the photographic element. His undoctored, multi-faceted photos make for, as he puts it, "a neutralisation of the senses."

See more work by Frank HERE

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