Sunday, October 2, 2011

7. Mariana Garcia

1986, the year i was born.
Mty, Mexico is my hometown.

After getting a degree in graphic design, I developed an aesthetic eye and decided to become a photographer.
My work —a mixture of portrait, fashion, reportage and constantly growing in other disciplines, such as architecture— has been named as artsy shots.
I like to think photography affords me a closeness to the present in an unusual way. What i adore mostly about being a photographer is when i can create a mood of nostalgia, romanticism, something from the "good old days".

I'm currently also working on a side project entitled Porcelaine Project
(A Photography and Retouching Studio) founded in 2010 by my lovely friend and partner, the photographer Cecy Young and myself.

Feel free to contact me:
(T) 811 555 6225

See more work by Mariana HERE

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