Sunday, October 2, 2011

8. Grain & Gram Website

The New Gentleman’s Journal is how Grain&Gram best describe what this site is about. Think of jobs that your Dad or Granddad might have done many years ago, like working as a blacksmith, carpenter, craftsman, tailor or printmaker.

Grain&Gram is essentially a magazine that delivers a rare insight into the lives of a select few chaps who make a living with skills passed on through generations. Each ‘dusty gent’ has a feature length interview, some bloody nice photographs of themselves looking proper and working in a shed/studio of some kind way out in a blazing hot forest somewhere in the USA.

This really is a beautiful site, with a very simple and clean colour palette, great little touches with icons and type, and overall great content that has all been thought out to really capture the scene of each gent.

Check out Grain & Gram Website HERE

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