Sunday, November 20, 2011

1. Joe King

At an early age it was apparent King didn't fit in societies design. School was always an up hill battle, but was tolerated for the chance to participate in art classes or any other creative outlet they would provide. Native to southern California he grew up skating the streets of Long beach and it's surrounding cities.

After high school he was forced to join the working class, doing odd jobs at skate shops and anything that required manual labor. Bored, tired and broke the seedy underbelly of life's desires reared it's ugly head and anything but the right decision was made.

Sometimes hitting rock bottom is what it takes to discover what you live for, art and skateboarding became salvation. After only a few semesters at his local junior collage it became apparent that illustration and design was going to become his career.

Joe wishes he would have found the answer sooner but like in creating art, or what ever the media, it's the process which should be the most enjoyable. Since 2005 joe has been taking his work more serious, and working with iconic brands such as KR3W, Crooks N Castles and OBEY and even ran his own label for a few years. Outside his intricate illustration world he still finds time to hit the stunt wood and is preparing to become a new father, thats a whole new chapter.

See more work by Joe King HERE

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