Thursday, February 11, 2010

1. Puma viral offers football fans romantic get - out on Valentine's Day

LONDON - Puma has launched a Valentine's Day-themed viral campaign by Droga5 that allows football fans to dedicate a pub chorus singing 'Truly Madly Deeply' by Australian pop band Savage Garden to their other halves.

This year several FA Cup matches clash with Valentine's Day on Sunday, so Puma intends the viral to "soften the blow with fans' loved ones" when they go off to watch a game.  

Fans can send the video by visiting, from where they can send a personalised video to someone either via Facebook or email.  

A dedicated 'Puma Hardchorus' website shows a group of football fans standing in formation in a pub, singing the 1997 hit in a terrace style.  

The viral forms part of Puma's global Love = Football campaign, which has seen international footballers such as Egypt striker Mohamed Zidan sporting a love-heart-shaped logo.

Sweetest Valentines Ad so far!

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