Thursday, February 11, 2010

Top 10 Feb 12

This week has been a good week and I started a new blog.
(Do not worry, it will not effect this blog :)

It's called Kill-Fuck-Marry  after the classic teen time-passing game of the same name.
The rules are simple, you get three characters and you have to make up your mind 
which one you would Kill, Fuck or Marry.

I have grand plans to turn this into a Facebook connect game. Three of your facebook friends are randomly selected for you to play Kill, Fuck, Marry on. It will de-friend the person you choose to kill, poke the person you want to do the dirty with and last but not least, your relationship status changes to "now in a relationship with ......." the person you choose to marry. Call me if you make FB apps. This is solid gold.

I also stumbled across the new Onitsuka Tiger 'Made of japan' campaign, awesome work
done by some really good friends of mine at Amsterdam Worldwide   
They had a great write up in Designboom about the campaign - definitely worth checking out.

That's it for this week, good luck everyone on Sunday!
Stay classy internet.

/Mr J

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