Thursday, June 30, 2011

10. Shotopop

Shotopop recently teamed up with JWT Shanghai to take cardboard cut-outs to the next level. The project won us an Outdoor, as well as a Design Lion at the International Cannes Lions Awards 2011.

We were asked to help develop and build 3 pieces, made up from the cardboard of ANTA shoe-boxes, to represent 3 prominent Chinese Basketball players, sponsored by ANTA.

The "Chinese Beast", Li Xiaoxu's playing style is fast, fearless and powerful. His sculpture, made up predominantly from elements of wings, feathers and lightning, shows exactly that.

With exceptional low post skills, Tang Zhengdong is an "Irremovable pillar in the sea", which indicates an ancient Chinese proverb for hero. The spiral staircase of courts represents his rise in the CBA, from the young age of 16

Zhou Peng has already won 6 CBA Championships, represented by the golden stars on his sculpture. His relentless defences and explosive ferocity makes him a force to be reckoned with.

See more work by Shotopop HERE

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