Friday, July 1, 2011

9. CamBox


"Turn Your Friends’ Irritating Catchphrases Into a Beatboxing Loop of Hell" Kat Hannaford, Gizmodo
"CamBox for iOS turns you into an awesome beatboxing machine" Matt Brian, The Next Web
"CamBox is undoubtedly the most unique video application I’ve ever seen for the iPhone" Killian Bell, Cult of Mac

Have you ever been camboxed? CamBox is an amazing app to put your life in a box! We have worked hard so that you can do the craziest videos!

Each sound you make stores a piece of video into a box. You play the boxes to make an insane remix of your life.

Make music with anything, have fun with anyone: you can cambox alone, or cambox friends, family, cats and dogs, or anything you want. Make noise and be creative! Share your videos on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and more.

CamBox works on iPhone/iPod 4G, iPhone 3GS and iPad 2.

** Note to Verizon iPhone Users: iOS < 4.3 is not supported reliably yet, please
wait for the actualization that will support your OS**

Check it out in iTunes

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