Friday, July 1, 2011

8. Borja Bonaque

Albert Hanks, Clara Olavarría and Paul Rosenberg are Animal Agency.
A branding and advertising studio based in New York.
The idea was to adapt the multicultural origin of the members represented
by animals from their countries.


Valencia ( Spain ) born Borja Bonaque developes a personal and remarcable body
of work. Looking for creating projects with some kind of visual atmosphere, he
is inspired by pure lines and geometric shapes. Always motivated for getting
the best possibles results.
He has produced artwork for companies such us Elwood, Financial Times,
Wallpaper, Zoo York, New Scientist, Rioja Wines, Bancaja, House & Garden
or Wired Magazine.
His work has been published in Germany, United States, England, Mexico,
Switzerland, Japan, Singapure..
If you want to know about his news projects, follow him on Facebook.

See more work by Borja HERE

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